Evergreen is a distinctive neighborhood in Edmonton, Alberta, known for its tranquil setting and unique community atmosphere. This article provides an in-depth look at Evergreen, covering its parks, schools, shopping options, history, age, size, and location, to give you a comprehensive understanding of what makes this neighborhood special.

 History of Evergreen

Evergreen is unique in Edmonton as it is primarily a mobile home community. The neighborhood was established in the 1970s to provide affordable housing options in a park-like setting. This development strategy was relatively novel at the time, offering a different lifestyle compared to traditional suburban neighborhoods. Over the years, Evergreen has evolved while maintaining its core identity, providing residents with a peaceful and affordable living environment.

 Location and Accessibility

Evergreen is situated in the northeast quadrant of Edmonton, bordered by the Anthony Henday Drive to the west and 153 Avenue to the south. Its location offers a blend of seclusion and accessibility, providing residents with a quiet retreat while still being connected to the city's amenities and major roadways.


One of the key advantages of living in Evergreen is its proximity to major transportation routes. The neighborhood is easily accessible via Anthony Henday Drive, which encircles the city, allowing for convenient travel to various parts of Edmonton. Additionally, public transportation options are available, with bus routes connecting Evergreen to nearby shopping centers, schools, and other key areas.

 Parks and Recreation

Evergreen is well-known for its green spaces and recreational facilities, providing residents with ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.

 Evergreen Community Park

At the heart of the neighborhood lies the Evergreen Community Park, a central green space that serves as a hub for community activities. This park features well-maintained lawns, walking paths, playgrounds, and sports fields, making it a popular spot for families and individuals seeking a tranquil environment. The park also hosts community events and gatherings, fostering a strong sense of community among residents.

 Other Parks and Green Spaces

In addition to the Evergreen Community Park, the neighborhood boasts several smaller parks and green belts. These areas are interconnected by pedestrian pathways, promoting an active lifestyle and providing safe routes for walking and cycling. The presence of mature trees and well-kept gardens adds to the neighborhood’s charm and aesthetic appeal.

For more extensive recreational options, residents can visit the nearby Rundle Park, which offers a wide range of facilities, including sports fields, a golf course, picnic areas, and access to the North Saskatchewan River Valley. This large park is just a short drive from Evergreen, providing additional options for sports and leisure activities.

 Schools and Education

While Evergreen does not have schools within its boundaries, it is served by several educational institutions in the surrounding areas, catering to the needs of families with children of all ages. The neighborhood is served by both the Edmonton Public School District and the Edmonton Catholic School District, ensuring a range of quality educational options.

 Elementary and Junior High Schools

Belvedere School, located a short distance from Evergreen, is a popular choice for elementary education, offering programs for kindergarten through grade six. Additionally, Steele Heights Junior High School provides education for students in grades seven to nine, emphasizing academic excellence and offering various extracurricular programs, including sports and arts.

 High Schools

For high school education, students in Evergreen typically attend M.E. LaZerte High School, located nearby. M.E. LaZerte offers a comprehensive curriculum, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses, a variety of sports teams, and numerous clubs and organizations, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

 Post-Secondary Education

Evergreen’s location also provides convenient access to several post-secondary institutions. The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and Concordia University of Edmonton are both within a reasonable commuting distance, offering a wide range of academic and vocational programs. Additionally, the University of Alberta, one of Canada’s leading universities, is easily accessible, providing higher education opportunities for residents pursuing advanced degrees.

 Shopping and Amenities

One of the standout features of Evergreen is its proximity to numerous shopping centers and amenities, making it a highly convenient place to live.

 Local Shopping Centers

The nearby Manning Town Centre and Clareview Town Centre are the primary shopping destinations for Evergreen residents. Manning Town Centre features a variety of stores, including major retailers, fashion boutiques, and a diverse selection of dining options. Clareview Town Centre offers a wide range of stores, from fashion and electronics to home goods and entertainment options.

 Other Shopping Options

In addition to the major shopping centers, residents have access to several smaller shopping plazas and convenience stores within and near the neighborhood. The 50 Street and 137 Avenue corridors are lined with various retail stores, restaurants, and service providers, offering a wide range of options for dining, shopping, and entertainment. The presence of major grocery stores, pharmacies, and banks within close proximity ensures that daily necessities are always within reach.

 Size and Demographics

Evergreen is a moderately sized neighborhood with a unique population. The area is characterized by its mobile home community, creating a distinctive living environment compared to traditional neighborhoods.


As of the latest census, Evergreen has a population of approximately 3,000 residents. The neighborhood’s population is diverse, including families, young professionals, students, and retirees. This demographic diversity contributes to a vibrant community atmosphere and a rich cultural tapestry.


Evergreen offers a variety of housing options to suit different lifestyles and preferences, primarily focusing on mobile homes. This type of housing provides an affordable alternative to traditional homes, appealing to a wide range of residents. The neighborhood features well-maintained lots and common areas, reflecting a commitment to quality and community pride.

 Community and Lifestyle

Evergreen is known for its strong sense of community and active lifestyle. The neighborhood’s well-planned layout, combined with its abundant amenities and green spaces, creates an inviting environment for residents.

 Community Engagement

The Evergreen Community Association plays a vital role in fostering community spirit and organizing events throughout the year. Activities such as summer barbecues, holiday celebrations, and fitness classes are regularly held, providing opportunities for residents to connect and engage with one another. The community association also advocates for neighborhood improvements and works closely with the city to address residents’ concerns and needs.

 Health and Wellness

Evergreen’s proximity to various healthcare facilities ensures that residents have access to high-quality medical services. The neighborhood is near several clinics and the Northeast Community Health Centre, one of the city’s major healthcare institutions. Additionally, the nearby Clareview Recreation Centre offers fitness programs and recreational facilities, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among residents.

 Future Development

As Edmonton continues to grow and evolve, Evergreen is poised to benefit from ongoing development and infrastructure improvements. Plans for enhancing public transportation, expanding commercial areas, and upgrading public spaces are expected to further enhance the neighborhood’s appeal.

 Real Estate Trends

The real estate market in Evergreen has remained stable, with property values reflecting the neighborhood’s desirability and unique living environment. The demand for housing in this area is driven by its affordability, amenities, and strong sense of community. Future development projects are likely to further boost property values and attract new residents to the area.


Evergreen is a unique and well-established neighborhood that offers a blend of affordability, tranquility, and community spirit. With its rich history, strategic location, excellent schools, diverse shopping options, and abundant green spaces, Evergreen stands out as a desirable place to live in Edmonton. The neighborhood’s strong sense of community, combined with its ongoing development and future prospects, ensures that Evergreen will continue to thrive and remain a sought-after destination for residents of all ages. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly environment, easy access to amenities, or a vibrant community atmosphere, Evergreen has something to offer for everyone.

 Additional Points of Interest

 Local Businesses and Dining

Evergreen is home to a variety of local businesses that contribute to the neighborhood's charm. These include family-owned restaurants, coffee shops, and specialty stores that provide residents with unique dining and shopping experiences. The neighborhood's dining scene is diverse, with options ranging from cozy cafes to international cuisine, reflecting the cultural diversity of the community.

 Outdoor Activities and Sports

In addition to its parks, Evergreen offers various outdoor activities and sports opportunities. The local sports leagues, including soccer and hockey teams, are active and provide opportunities for residents of all ages to participate in organized sports. The community's dedication to sports and recreation is evident in the well-maintained sports fields and facilities available to residents.

 Environmental Initiatives

Evergreen is committed to environmental sustainability, with several initiatives aimed at promoting green living. The neighborhood encourages recycling and composting programs, and community gardens are popular among residents who enjoy gardening and fresh produce. The focus on sustainability helps maintain the neighborhood's green spaces and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

 Cultural and Arts Scene

Evergreen's cultural scene is enriched by local artists and cultural events. The community regularly hosts art shows, craft fairs, and cultural festivals that celebrate the talents and heritage of its residents. These events provide opportunities for community engagement and cultural exchange, enhancing the neighborhood's vibrant atmosphere.

 Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Evergreen's future prospects are promising. Ongoing infrastructure projects, such as road improvements and public transportation enhancements, are expected to boost the neighborhood's accessibility and appeal. Additionally, planned commercial developments and community projects will continue to enhance the quality of life for residents, ensuring that Evergreen remains a vibrant and desirable neighborhood in Edmonton.

In conclusion,

Evergreen is a neighborhood that embodies the essence of Edmonton’s growth and diversity. Its strategic location, abundant amenities, and strong sense of community make it a perfect place for individuals and families seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. The neighborhood’s ongoing development and future prospects ensure that Evergreen will remain a thriving and attractive area for years to come. Whether you are looking to settle down, raise a family, or enjoy a vibrant community atmosphere, Evergreen has something to offer for everyone.