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Here You will find some of the best real estate agents in the city

This site will help you find a real estate agent that specializes in the neighborhood that you live in or want to live in.  Below You will find a list of neighborhoods.  By clicking on the link you will be taken to that neighborhood and you will find a real estate agent that is committed to you!

Looking to Buy or Sell?

For the most part a real estate agent will work anywhere in the city and surrounding areas.  but on this website I have searched out agents that like to focus on the areas of the city he/she knows best.

For this reason we have broken down the city into neighborhoods and have assigned an agent to 7 or 8 of those neighborhoods.  Of course these 7 or 8 neighborhoods are all beside each other.

We did this to help you, the buyer/seller of the property. This helps you as you will then be able to deal with an agent that has a lot more knowledge in that particular area.

This will help you come up and your agent come up with a realistic selling price or offer for your home.

Of course if you are selling in one area and looking to buy in another area you will want to use the same agent.  In this case decide on the area you want to move to.  Then talk with an agent there, as well as talk with the agent that works in the area you currently live in.  Then choose which agent works best for you for both deals!

We fully realize that you might want to sit at your computer and look through deals that are currently available.  But there is a reason an agent gets a nice commission for helping you buy or sell your home.  Let them work for their commission and learn what it is you want then have them look through the deals.  A good agent will steer you in the right direction.

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Here is a list of Neighborhoods in Edmonton and Area

By clicking on the neighborhood you are wanting to live in you will find the real estate agent that helps people like you buy and sell houses.


Meet The Real Estate Agents

Here you will find the real estate agents that we have chosen to be part of this website.  Click on the link of each agent to learn more about them and the neighborhoods they specialize in.

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