Nestled in the northern part of Edmonton, Alberta, Elsinore is a picturesque residential neighborhood that embodies a sense of community and tranquility. This article delves into the various aspects that make Elsinore a desirable place to live, including its parks, schools, shopping options, history, age, size, and location.

 History of Elsinore

Elsinore is part of the larger Castle Downs area, which derives its name from the medieval European castle theme. The neighborhood was named after the famous Elsinore Castle, known from Shakespeare's "Hamlet." Development in Elsinore began in the late 1980s and continued through the 1990s, making it one of the newer communities in Edmonton. This relatively recent development has allowed for a more modern urban design compared to some of Edmonton's older neighborhoods.

 Location and Accessibility

Elsinore is located in the northern quadrant of Edmonton, bordered by 97 Street to the east, 178 Avenue to the south, and the Klarvatten neighborhood to the west. Its strategic position provides residents with easy access to major roadways such as Anthony Henday Drive, which encircles the city, offering convenient routes to various parts of Edmonton.

Proximity to major roads means that residents can quickly reach downtown Edmonton, which is approximately a 20-minute drive. Public transportation is also well-serviced, with several bus routes connecting Elsinore to other parts of the city, making commuting straightforward for those who prefer not to drive.

 Parks and Recreation

One of Elsinore’s standout features is its abundance of green spaces and parks, offering residents numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. The neighborhood is designed with a blend of residential areas and parklands, creating a serene and inviting environment.

 Elsinore Chambery Park

At the heart of the neighborhood lies Elsinore Chambery Park, a central green space that serves as a community hub. This park features a playground, walking trails, and open fields suitable for various recreational activities. The park is a popular spot for families, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children to play and for community gatherings.

 Other Parks and Green Spaces

In addition to Elsinore Chambery Park, the neighborhood boasts several smaller parks and green belts. These areas are interconnected by a network of walking and cycling paths, encouraging an active lifestyle. The parks are meticulously maintained, ensuring they remain inviting spaces for residents year-round.

For those looking for more extensive recreational options, the nearby Castle Downs Park offers a wide range of facilities, including sports fields, a skate park, and the Castle Downs Recreation Centre. This large park is just a short drive from Elsinore, providing additional options for sports and leisure activities.

 Schools and Education

Elsinore is well-served by a range of educational institutions, making it an attractive location for families with children of all ages. The neighborhood is part of the Edmonton Public School District and the Edmonton Catholic School District, both of which are known for their high standards of education.

 Elementary and Junior High Schools

Within close proximity to Elsinore are several reputable elementary and junior high schools. Baturyn School, located just south of Elsinore, offers programs for kindergarten through grade six. Mary Butterworth School, a junior high school, provides education for students in grades seven to nine. Both schools are known for their strong academic programs and active extracurricular activities.

 High Schools

For high school education, students typically attend schools in the nearby areas. Queen Elizabeth High School and M.E. LaZerte High School are among the popular choices, offering comprehensive academic programs along with various sports and arts opportunities.

 Post-Secondary Education

Elsinore’s location also allows for convenient access to several post-secondary institutions in Edmonton. The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and the University of Alberta are both within a reasonable commuting distance, providing higher education opportunities for residents pursuing advanced degrees or vocational training.

 Shopping and Amenities

While Elsinore itself maintains a primarily residential character, it is conveniently located near several shopping centers and amenities that cater to the daily needs of its residents. These nearby commercial areas offer a variety of retail, dining, and service options.

 Local Shopping Centers

Lakeside Landing is a small shopping plaza located just a few minutes away from Elsinore, featuring essential services such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and dining options. For more extensive shopping needs, residents often visit the Namao Centre, which houses a wide range of retailers, including major grocery chains, banks, and specialty stores.

 Larger Retail Hubs

For those seeking a more comprehensive shopping experience, Northgate Centre and Londonderry Mall are easily accessible. These larger malls offer a variety of stores, from fashion and electronics to home goods and entertainment options. The proximity of these shopping hubs ensures that Elsinore residents have ample choices for both everyday necessities and leisure shopping.

 Size and Demographics

Elsinore is a relatively small neighborhood in terms of land area, but it has a well-planned and efficient layout. The community consists primarily of single-family homes, along with some duplexes and townhouses. The architectural styles in Elsinore are modern, reflecting the neighborhood’s development during the late 20th century.


As of the latest census, Elsinore has a population of approximately 1,500 residents. The neighborhood is characterized by a diverse demographic, including young families, professionals, and retirees. The community’s design, with its blend of housing types and amenities, caters to a wide range of lifestyle needs.

 Community Involvement

Elsinore is known for its strong sense of community. The Elsinore-Chambery Community League plays a vital role in fostering neighborhood spirit and organizing various events throughout the year. From summer barbecues and sports tournaments to holiday celebrations and community clean-up days, these events help strengthen the bonds among residents and create a welcoming atmosphere.

 Future Development

As Edmonton continues to grow, Elsinore is poised to benefit from ongoing development and infrastructure improvements. Plans for expanding public transportation and enhancing local amenities are likely to make the neighborhood even more attractive to prospective residents.

 Real Estate Trends

The real estate market in Elsinore has remained stable, with property values reflecting the neighborhood’s desirability and quality of life. The modern housing stock and well-maintained public spaces contribute to its appeal. Future development in the surrounding areas is expected to further enhance property values and make Elsinore an even more sought-after community.


Elsinore, with its rich history, strategic location, and excellent amenities, stands out as a charming and desirable neighborhood in Edmonton. Its blend of parks, schools, shopping centers, and a strong sense of community makes it an ideal place for families, professionals, and retirees alike. As the neighborhood continues to develop and grow, Elsinore is set to remain a vibrant and welcoming part of Edmonton’s urban landscape. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful residential area or a community with plenty of activities and conveniences, Elsinore offers a perfect balance of both.