Why Join Us?

Shared Referrals!

Tired of going to networking events only to be the person that everyone turns to for referrals?
As a Real Estate Agent you are the most important person at any networking event...Why is that?

Mainly because you work with homeowners and we all know that whenever a homeowner needs help they go to who they trust the most...And that is YOU! The trusted Real Estate Agent!

I decided that if I was going to get referrals from you (and other real estate agents) I need to build trust with you AND I need to also help you get referrals.  Or at the very least give you a fighting chance to get traffic to your website.  

So, how does this work?  I am building a website that is meant to rank high in the search engines and either get you exposure, more traffic to your website, the phone ringing, or leads for the future from those looking to buy or sell a home today and/or tomorrow.  

Who am I?  My name is Kelly Kramer, owner of Kramer Plumbing.  Currently I am a small plumbing and gas fitting business that does work in all areas of those fields.  I am also a bit of a nerd.  Even though I have been a plumber for 35 years I have a passion for marketing, copywriting, and SEO(search engine optimization). 

I am in the process of building this website and after ranking the site I fully expect to get somewhere around 15,000 visitors per month.  The majority of these visitors will be looking for a house or a real estate agent within the Edmonton and surrounding area.  

What Do You Get?

  • A listing within the directory with a link that points back to your website. ***This gives you traffic AND authority in the eyes of the searches engines helping your website to rank higher!***
  • One or more rotating banner ads on the home page.  ***Giving you more exposure and a link to your listing which adds authority to your listing AND to YOUR website, again helping you get more sales as well as giving your website a boost in Google!
  • Third benefit. Take one of the features of your offer and add “this will allow you to…” Eg. You’ll get access to 5 video lessons (= feature) which will allow you to watch over my shoulder while I show you step by step how to XYZ